I want to change the world until my daughter will become a member in society.
Do you have a lover?
If you have a lover, can you change the world for a lover?
Even a little better than now.
If you can agree with my idea, let ‘s stand up together!


I want to change the world.
My mission is to change the world better than now.
I want to connect happiness around me, eventually I want to connect happiness whole earth.
I want to make a happy today than yesterday, also make a happy tomorrow than today.
Raise your voice!
Raise our voice!
We have the right to be happy!
We must be happy by our power!


2018 in Review

Design Architectures. I designed IoT architecture using IoT-Core, Lambda and Elasticsearch on AWS, also analytics system of big data using RDS, Lambda and CloudWatch on AWS. Acquired programmings. Rails I became of a specialist of Ruby on Rails. In this year, I crated 3 API and 3 WEB site using Ruby on Rails. All projects …


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Let’s change the world together!